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Updated: Jan 10

My love for interior design and sourcing authentic pieces is a passion I’ve had for over 25 years, so the idea of incorporating this as an additional service from Wickerwood Farm seemed obvious to me, it was just a matter of rolling up my sleeves and taking the plunge and in doing so, has given me a huge sense of zealous.

I love working with organic tones and textures and so when sourcing my collection it’s been and will continue to be important to me that each individual item is pre-loved and tells a little tale of its own. Finding pieces with the odd knock or scratch sometimes is ok with me it helps to bring a sense of unique character and charm but that being said, doesn’t necessarily mean things have to look rustic. By carefully adding a sprinkling of chic in the form of rich coloured velvets and cut glassware for example, a look can instantly transform into something more luxurious yet still cool and I feel that has possibly become a signature element to my styling work over the years.

Offering clients diversity in the form of varying styles ensures there’s something for everyone. The choice of items available from my collection spans from lounges, to entrance doors and varying quirky and practical pieces in between!

To help bring an even more unique feel to the collection I drafted in the expertise of my industry floral pal Anna. Anna from Tales from Apple Tree House brings style in the form of dried flowers in various forms and sizes, meaning there’s something for everyone. I love how her arrangements compliment my lounge collection particularly.

This is a really exciting collaboration with Anna and I’m so delighted we can now offer our services as joint packages. We’ve both received so many kind comments over the past few years about our collaborative work together so it’s full steam ahead from here on in with this floral guru! It’s also important to add that Anna’s involved in a number of weddings here at Wickerwood Farm throughout the summer months using fresh floral displays and arrangements using beautiful cut flowers from her own cutting garden or local flower farms, keeping things sustainable and local something we’re all in favour of here at Wickerwood.

The lovely Jo from Made By Jo also brings her talents to the collection bringing beautiful calligraphy and signwriting using our very own signs. This talented soul is a dab hand with her trusty pens and can offer many options and ideas for each individual wedding or event. A collection of her work can be hired through our catalogue which is available upon request.

So there you have it, a little insight into my new venture running alongside our wedding business here at Wickerwood Farm. I'm very excited for my collection to slowly and organically grow over time, it’s not just about the quantity at this stage, it’s the unique authenticity and quality that's important to me and being able to offer clients not only the best in hire items but also in service is paramount. With trips booked to Europe this summer in the hunt for more treasures you can rest assured I’ll be sharing more pieces of my ever growing collection with you over the coming year!

If you'd like to receive more information regarding our collection catalogue or are interested in hosting your wedding here at Wickerwood Farm, get in touch by dropping me an email - and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for taking the time to read todays blog folks and may I wish you all a happy Friday!


Jude x


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