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8 Live Music Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding Celebration at Wickerwood Farm

As we all know weddings are a very special occasion and are with no doubt one of the best days of our lives. To make it special it must be well-planned and unique in-order to make it a celebration you and your guests will never forget.

So you’re planning an outdoor wedding at Wickerwood Farm but you’re not sure what style of music would make your wedding occasion extra special? Well, you’re in the right place. Within this blog, we have compiled a list of 8 of the best live music ideas that we feel would work best for an outdoor wedding here at Wickerwood Farm.

We are all music lovers, so getting this element right is an essential ingredient to you’re wedding day. Choosing the right music will guarantee that your family and friends will all have a memorable experience and getting them up on their feet and enjoying themselves is what it’s all about!

Choosing your venue and suppliers are of course of great importance but your choice of live music is what creates that all important atmosphere, get it wrong and it could adversely affect the day.

Below we have listed those eight live music ideas to help make your music choice for your wedding that little bit easier. So grab yourself a cuppa and read on to the end! We’re sure you will find an idea that will best suit your big day here at Wickerwood Farm.


Acoustic roaming bands are an exceptional choice for your outdoor wedding. When you hire a roaming band as the name suggests, the band will roam and mingling with your guests. With a roaming band, they are not tied to one spot. They can perform in different areas in the outdoor space. They will also encourage your family and friends to join in singing along to those pop classics that everyone will know. A roaming band could be as small as a trio, four-piece or even five musicians. Their instruments would be acoustic guitars, double bass, snare drum, and possibly a saxophone. You will find roaming bands that cover many different genres and styles suitable for any outdoor wedding.

How about hiring a timeless jazz band? Jazz never seems to go out of style and is continually reinventing itself. If you are looking for some cool background music or maybe a bit of swing, then jazz is a great choice. With so many forms of jazz bands for hire out there from the 1920s, bebop, fusion, and soul-jazz to name but a few, there is something for everyone.

If you are on a tight budget, a singing acoustic guitarist is a great option and will provide great entertainment. An acoustic artist can provide a chilled vibe or even uplifting songs that will get your guests to boogie along too. They are armed with a vast repertoire of songs from the ‘50s to the present day and won’t cost you the earth. You could upgrade to an acoustic duo which usually will be a singer plus guitarist or even two acoustic guitar and vocals. If you have hired a small tipi then your solo artist will not take up to much space either.

Let’s be honest there is nothing quite like the string quartet. A string ensemble will add that touch of class and sophistication to your wedding proceedings and is a great choice for a private wedding ceremony on the water’s edge at Wickerwood Farm. String quartets don’t just play classical tunes, they will transform well-known rock and pop classics into something special and will have you fully engrossed picking out your favourite tunes. Just remember, when you hire a string quartet, you will need to provide four armless chairs for your musicians.

A soul, funk, and Motown band is the perfect complement for any outdoor wedding. One of these bands without a doubt will have all your guests dancing and singing along to all the timeless classics. Just imagine a soul band bringing your wedding to life here at Wickerwood Farm performing those disco belters and maybe the odd soul ballad too.

Festival and rustic style weddings are becoming more and more popular, and what could be better than a Mumford style wedding band, an ideal choice for Wickerwood Farm. Mumford bands are now the number one choice for festival style weddings. Performing hits from one of the biggest bands in the world today Mumford and Sons, plus songs from the likes of George Ezra, and The Lumineers. Folk wedding bands will put a folk twist on classic songs from bands like The Beatles and Oasis. Make no mistake about it a modern-day folk band will have you up on your feet and dancing the night away. A Mumford style folk band will surely lift your wedding to another level. Not only do these bands sound fantastic, but look very impressive with their acoustic instruments and double bass!

Ever thought about hiring a Vintage style band? Vintage bands cover anything from the roaring 20s to the rock n roll bands of the 60s. One of the most popular vintage bands is the so-called postmodern jukebox bands, where jazz meets pop. These bands will take a modern chart number and perform it in the 1920’s style. This was made famous by the world-renowned Scott Bradlee. The performers will don the appropriate outfit for their music output, and they will play the same instruments that their predecessors originally played. One of these bands will make a few heads turn for sure.

A brass band will supply the wow factor to your wedding celebration and are the ideal choice here at Wickerwood Farm. The size of the band is up to you, and the band can either perform in one place or like the roaming bands can stroll around the grounds blasting out those funky tunes.

So there you have it, eight of our best live music ideas that would undoubtedly enhance your outdoor wedding day here at Wickerwood Farm.

Note, when booking any band or artist, make sure you book early to get the band you desire for your wedding day. The later you leave it, the more chance they will be booked up.

We hope you find this information helpful and good luck in choosing your perfect wedding band.

All the best,

Ian & Jude

Images provided by Music 8 Agency


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