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Discover ways in which your wedding at Wickerwood Farm is a sustainable one.

bride and groom legs. bride holding bouquet with veil. Beautiful old doors in background

Photography credit: Sarah Carmody Photography UK 

As each year passes us by it becomes all the more important that we are aware of ways we can reduce our carbon footprint when planning a wedding.  Unfortunately, the wedding industry still has a long way to go to eliminate the huge waste it produces.


On average here in the UK each wedding produces over 14.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, that’s equivalent to the carbon footprint produced by the average household for a whole year.  With annual weddings averaging here at 278,600 in 2022 it’s a frightening statistic when you come to do the maths!

bride and groom surrounded by woodland with lake in background with lillie pads on the lake



Here at Wickerwood Farm, we are fast becoming known for having sustainability at the heart of what we do and we're proud to continue to fly the eco flag within the UK wedding industry. 

Wickerwood Farm is situated within the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is within the 'Sustainable Farming Initiative Scheme' meaning our hedgerows are protected and soil structures are enhanced, enabling the environment here on the farm to thrive. We have also recently planted an acre of native wild flowers which is situated alongside the venue allowing our guests to enjoy the view and beautiful scent but more importantly our wildlife, insects and pollinators can thrive.

Importantly, we don't host back to back weddings, we believe that by hosting less weddings each year this helps keep our carbon footprint down as well as giving our farmland time to recuperate. A number of services are also available through the venue such as planning, styling, day management as well as a unique furniture and prop hire service, making planning for couples much easier and more streamline. By providing these services in-house we feel this is yet another way of lowering our emissions and being even more sustainable.  

bride and groom holding hands with yellow flower meadow in background. Bride wears big summer hat holding bouquet

A number of areas of the venue are only mowed a small number of times a year, giving grasses and natural wild flowers the opportunity to grow organically throughout the summer months, this not only offers a natural habitat for wildlife and our pollinators, it also creates a beautiful setting for weddings to take place.  

A number of young trees have also been planted around the venue and the farmland with many more scheduled for the coming years.


As a venue owner I feel it important to try and encourage newly engaged couples as well as industry suppliers themselves to be more constructive in reducing the impact weddings are having on the environment and with just a little forward thinking and planning this can be done.  

lady sitting on old velvet sofa holding a cup of tea
"This chic yet rustic shoot demonstrates just a few simple, yet hugely effective ways your wedding can be sustainable, beautiful and yet not effect your purse strings simply by choosing the right suppliers"

Firstly, and something I often say to couples is choose your suppliers carefully when planning your wedding.

Do your research and read their reviews. 

  • Are they local to your chosen venue?

  • Do they have a sustainable ethos? 

Here’s a little about why some of our predominantly Sussex based suppliers were specifically chosen for our 'Sustainability at the heart' shoot.


bride with foot on a mirror ball holding a bouquet in the sunshine

The Photography -

Sarah Carmody Photography  Sarah was the perfect photographer for this shoot with her relaxed approach and artistic eye.  Sarah loves nothing more than working with the natural light and surrounding environment to maximise the images she captures.  This is clearly prominent in the woodland shots adding a touch of warmth.  Her detail images of the floristry show skill in depicting the smallest of details.  Sarah is a Sussex based wedding photographer and keen to work within the surrounding area thereby keeping her carbon footprint down.

bride wearing a large hat holding her bouquet towards the camera. yellow flower meadow in the background

The Floristry -

Made With Grace Floral Design – The floral design element was one of the most important aspects to this shoot so choosing the right florist was really significant to achieving the sustainable message I was keen to project. Grace has a very eco sensitive approach to her work and is a keen forager which to me made her ideal! 

The floral design was heavily based on the changing of the season from summer into autumn and by incorporating a fresh element into a prominently dried design. This style of floristry lent itself perfectly towards the natural organic colour palette of a tipi wedding here at Wickerwood Farm.  Many textured elements were incorporated using organic material foraged from local hedgerows and woodland floors. The fresh flowers were hand selected from local flower farms, many dried specifically for this shoot.  No floral foam was used only natural mechanics making this a highly sustainable yet beautiful element to the shoot.

bride and groom walking down an aisle on a rug aisle with old wooden chairs either side and lots of wedding flowers. Inside a tipi

The Tipi -

Love Tipis  My idea for including a tipi within this shoot was to bring elements of the organic outdoors 'inside' and by doing so showing how beautiful and atmospheric a wedding blessing can look under the stunning organic canvas of a tipi wedding here at Wickerwood Farm.  This is also a great example of how a wedding blessing can look should it rain.  Incorporating luxury seating provided by ourselves here at Wickerwood Farm brings an element of charm and sophistication.

wedding stationery on an old table with dried flowers a perfume bottle a wedding ring and a pair of old scissors

The Stationery -

Lou Paper – Lou was specifically chosen due to her sustainable approach to her work. The stationery suite featured was printed on handmade paper that was created from raw, natural and recycled ingredients.  Not only sustainable but it looked beautiful and felt organic to the touch, making it a joy to incorporate into the table scape.

wedding top table with gold ringed plates and gold cutlery with menu and napkin on plate. dried wedding flowers on table

The Tableware -

A Touch of Vintage – Something I’m hearing couples mention recently is they’d like to incorporate wooden plates and cutlery into their day as they feel it’s a sustainable option.  However, by hiring crockery and glassware from a reputable hire company your using items that can be used time and time again with no waste.  Companies such as A Touch of Vintage have a large collection of styles, therefore not only adding style to your table but couples can also rest assured nothing from their table will be ending up in landfill after their wedding and that’s got to be a good thing right?

white wedding cake on a stand with a dried bouquet on an old wooden table

The Cake Maker -

Love From Louisa – Louisa’s not only a fantastic and creative cake maker but her mindful approach to cake making really caught my eye! She uses organic ingredients locally and ethically sourced where possible.

When making her cakes she uses zero waste practices.  These include composting and carefully calculated recipes to reduce excess waste. She aims to offset carbon on deliveries by donating to environmental causes that seek to rewild natural habitats and re-balance the environment.  She also loves to work with and promote like minded sustainably led businesses such as ourselves to support local businesses in a circular model of sustainability.

Bride wearing a large summer hat holding the brim

The Bridalwear -

Reformation and Ghost London - If your working to a budget and your keen to help the planet then why not check out the online auction sites for your wedding outfit?

I sourced both outfits featured within this shoot this way, they were both brand new, tagged and a fraction of the price!

So there you have it, a little information about Wickerwood Farm's approach to being sustainable and a few things to look out for when choosing your suppliers for your wedding. Remember that by considering a more sustainable approach yourself and being conscious of your suppliers approach to weddings, you could be making a positive difference to the environment that doesn't effect the aesthetics of your wedding or your purse strings necessarily but by doing so your helping to cut back on the carbon emissions produced from your big day and that’s got to be a good thing.  Every little helps!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both County Wedding Magazine and Green Union for featuring the shoot.

Thanks for reading folks!

Big Love, Jude x


Full shoot team

Photography & coord | Sarah Carmody Photography

Venue, concept, coord, styling & prop hire | Wickerwood Farm

Tipi, table and chair hire | Love Tipis

Models | Naomi Faith & Dirico Fit Coaching

Stationer | Lou Paper

Tableware | A Touch Of Vintage

Bell Tents | Beneath The Canopy

Bridal Wear | Ghost London Bridal & Reformation (Purchased from Auction Site)

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