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Tipi Wedding accommodation options at Wickerwood Farm.

A Tipi wedding and bell tent glamping to me, go together like the milk in my tea, like the ying to my yang but we all know someone who would rather sleep under the rafters of a luxury hotel after a hard days celebrating than under the canvas of a bell tent beneath the stars! Here at Wickerwood Farm we've got all angles covered.

Read on to find out more..

There’s always a good vibe at a Tipi wedding, it’s a great opportunity for couples to get creative and put their spin on their big day, not to mention the vast outdoor space for the little ones to exhaust themselves in.. Something I’ve noticed over the years is how relaxed people become at a Tipi wedding. I recently witnessed a barefooted bride sipping champagne, whilst her little girl sat at her feet making daisy chains for her hair! To me, it’s these little details that make for a happy outdoor wedding and when the venue offers exclusive weekend hire, all the better!

Taking advantage of our 3-day weekend hire here at Wickerwood Farm is strongly recommended, its yet another reason for guests to kick back and soak up the ambience of a rural outdoor wedding. Bell tents are not only a comfortable, affordable accommodation option but they look good too and tick so many boxes for guests who have travelled far and wide.

Here are my top 10 reasons for hiring bell tents at your Tipi wedding –

  1. These days bridal bell tents can be styled with all the luxuries required, creating a comfortable, cosy, home from home pop up room for the weekend, perfect for those looking for a unique outdoor experience.

  2. Its not all about the inside. How about a cool low boho grazing table right outside your door?A perfect solution for creating a social space to enjoy with friends

  3. Guests don’t have to go home, what’s not to love about that? They simply arrive, leave their personal belongings in their bell tent and enjoy their weekend away.

  4. No waiting around for a taxi home.

  5. It’s a great way of spending time with friends. Sharing for up to 4, makes it a cheap option for those on a tight budget.

  6. They LOOK great! An array of white bell tents set against the backdrop of the Sussex countryside is a beautiful sight!

  7. Their super stylish with fresh linens and comfy beds.

  8. It’s a VERY short stumble to bed after a long day celebrating!

  9. You don't have to do ANYTHING! The tents go up the day before and are taken down the day after.

  10. Sunday mornings are all about taking it easy, right? Enjoy your Sunday morning lie in under the canvas of your bell tent. No need to rush, check out isn’t until 4PM!

However, having said all that we all know glamping isn’t for everyone. Some of us just aren’t cut out for it, maybe we just hit a certain time in our lives where only sleeping within the proximity of 4 walls will do! Worry not, as we’ve partnered up with our local friends at Fair Oak Farm who don’t offer weddings but do offer luxury accommodation and exclusive hire, a perfect solution for those close friends and family who just 'dont do glamping'.

Fair Oak Farm - Offering luxury accomodation and only 15 minutes from Wickerwood Farm.

Fair Oak Farm is just a 15 minute drive from Wickerwood Farm and sits within 12 acres of beautiful private, Sussex countryside and gardens and with its array of stunning buildings, from a Grade II Listed Farm house (c1600) a range of converted Grade II Listed farm buildings and barns, eco-lodge tree houses and shepherd’s huts, it can accommodate up to 36 guests, making it the perfect alternative for those who just 'Don't do glamping'! Guests can arrive the evening before and dine together in the splendour of the lounge barn or make use of the cinema barn before getting an early night in preparation for the big day at Wickerwood Farm.

Other trusted suppliers are also available at Fair Oak Farm to suit guest’s individual requirements such as hair and make-up and beauty treatment specialists.

Preferential rates for transport between Wickerwood Farm and Fair Oak Farm with our preferred, trusted supplier is available upon request.

So there you have it, whether you’re an avid glamper or a luxury accommodation seeker we’ve got it covered!

If you'd like further details please contact us

Thanks for reading folks and sleep well..

Jude x

Photography by Elena Popa Photography

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